HHSC is a non-profit, 501c7 membership organization. This means we use membership dues, party fees, and donations from members and the community to benefit the pool. 

Would you consider donating any of the items on the list below or money or gift cards to purchase any of the following items...




Urinal for men's bathroom

Gutters for the Shack Building and Shack Pavilion (BIGGEST NEED)

Wood for repairing the facia boards (BIGGEST NEED)

Lounge Chairs (we lost 12 lounge chairs last season)

This style lasts the longest... and is available locally at Lowes in South Augusta and Evans - about $130

This style has an average lifespan of 1-2 years (available at Lowes in North Augusta) about $60

Metal Patio Tables with Metal Chairs (no glass tops)

This style (usually can find on Facebook Marketplace used for $125-$200 each set)

Umbrellas for Tables

Silver Rust-oleum Paint for the fence (need about 12 cans)

 Gas Grill

Toilet Paper

Paper Towels

Hand Soap

Rolling Cart for the Shack 




Volunteers Needs for The Following Projects....

People to cut the grass. We would like to schedule 4 people to rotate and help maintain the grass thru the season

Someone to take the gate down around the tennis courts

Someone to Repair the Facia Boards on the Shack and Pavilion Area

Someone to paint in the men's restroom. 

Someone to finish adding trim the men's shower

Someone to help with plumbing issues.