Thinking about having a party this summer?

Let HHSC make your life a little easier

(not to mention how much fun a pool party is!)

How to book a pool party at HHSC...

1. Read through the party guidelines and fees below.
2. Fill out the pool party application HERE.
3. Send the application into us at thehammondhillpool@gmail.com or bring by the pool to the pool manager (Monday-Friday 10am-230pm during season hours)
4. Our Social Director Board member, Hydie Quinn or our pool manager will contact you (typically within 24-48 hours) to confirm your date is available. 
3. Submit your pool party fee online to secure your date as soon as you hear back from our social director, (Hydie Quinn) or our pool manager.
(Dates are subject to approval by our social chair)
4. Confirm the number of guests one week prior to your party date.



Hammond Hill Suburban Club Pool

Party Guidelines

(Revised 5/2013, 3/2014, 5/2014, 4/2016, 6/2016, 4/2019)


Thank you for choosing Hammond Hill Pool for your party. We want to make this a fun and exciting event for you, friends, and family. We need your help by making sure the following is complete:


  • Any member of the pool organization may hold parties at the Hammond Hill Suburban Club pool for a fee described below. Private parties are available from 7:30p-9:30p & Fridays 8:30pm-10:30pm. Parties during pool hours may be reserved for two (2) hours in duration, but will be conducted with other members and guests also using the facility at the same time (see below for various rates).


  • Parties must be scheduled through the Social Director and/or pool manager in advance who will record the name, phone number, date, time (including duration), anticipated number of participants (swimming and non-swimming).       Please remember that your party is not reserved until the payment for your party is received.


  • Reserving the party during pool hours gives the renter use of either of our covered picnic areas for two (2) hours of time, which will be reserved by the attendant on the day of the party. The grills are available on a first-come first-serve basis.


  • When you book your party, please give an approximate number of people coming to party.       This includes everyone in the fenced in area, including non-swimmers.


  • At least one full week before your party, you will need to give the Social Director and/or the pool manager a precise count of the number of people coming to your party at this time.


  • If you choose to cancel your party for any reason other than weather, you must let the Social Director know in writing at least 72 hours in advance.       If this is done, you will receive a full refund. If such notice is not received, no refund will be given.


  • If the weather appears likely to cause the closing of the pool, you may decide to reschedule the party. This decision is your responsibility. Such decision must be made by the start of the party, assumed to be 7:30pm (Fridays 8:30pm) for after-hours parties. At that time, if no decision to cancel has been communicated to the lifeguards or the Social Director, the party will proceed, and no refunds will be given even if the pool must close during the party due to weather. If you choose to reschedule and no date can be agreed upon, then any monies paid will be refunded by the Treasurer of the HHSC Board. Please note that the lifeguards or pool manager may decide to close the pool at any time due to weather.


  • Be the first one to arrive (guests may not enter the premises prior to the requested ‘start’ time or without the sponsoring member). Please plan to arrive early on the date of your party.
  • The sponsoring member must stay for the entire duration of the event.
  • Ensure all guests leave the premises at (or before) the requested rental time frame ends. 
  • Be responsible for leaving the pool area clean and in good condition.
    • Pick up all trash/recycling
    • Clean any bar-b-cue grills used
    • Remove all food items
    • Stack chairs and benches as needed
    • Do a final walk-thru to pick up any discarded towels, clothing, and shoes.
  • Be the last one in the party to leave after all guests have left and all clean up is finished.
  • The Sponsoring member is responsible for the actions, activities, safety, and conduct of all guests.
  • Abide by all standard pool rules as well as take directions from the lifeguards and pool management.
  • Comply with the policy of no possession or consumption of alcohol on the pool property.
  • Be considerate of the neighbors in terms of noise, parking, loud music, etc.
  • Assist in clearing the pool area 15 minutes prior to the end of the requested rental time so that the showers and changing areas can be clear on time when the necessary pool gate can be locked and closed at 9:30pm (Fridays 10:30pm).
  • Agree to not hold Hammond Hill Suburban Club, its owners, employees, and the Board of Directors, harmless for any actions that may occur as a result of the use of the Hammond Hill Suburban Club for this function.
  • ALL POOL PARTY guests MUST sign in at the shack and get an armband from the attendant or lifeguard.



Private party (7:30pm –9:30 pm or 8:30 pm-10:30 pm) for Member:

$175 for first 50 people; additional $50 per 25 people


Private party (7:30pm –9:30 pm or 8:30pm-10:30pm)

for Sponsored Non-Member:

$225 for first 50 people; additional $50 per 25 people


Private party (7:30pm –9:30 pm or 8:30pm-10:30 pm) for Organizations:

$275 for first 50 people; additional $50 per 25 people

Maximum 200 people on property




During Pool Hours for Members Only:

$80 flat rate – You may have up to 25 swimmers


                                                           (All party rates are subject to change)


There will be a maximum of 200 people allowed on the pool premises during parties. The person making the reservation is responsible for seeing that this limit is observed.


Thank you again for choosing Hammond Hill Suburban Club for your special occasion.



Hammond Hill Suburban Club Pool Board Members




Hammond Hill Suburban Club Party

Reservation Form


Please complete information below, sign, and return this portion with your deposit.


I agree that I have read and will be responsible for making sure that all guests at my party abide by the pool rules and this party agreement. Each member of my family, all guests, and I will comply with all pool rules set forth and absolve all liability in a cause for action against Hammond Hill Suburban Club (HHSC) or any HHSC Board Member. We will not hold HHSC responsible in any way for accidents or injury at the pool. I give permission for pictures and video to be taken of all party attendees (members of my immediate family, guests, including minors) while at the HHSC pool. These pictures and videos will be used for promotions, brochures, flyers, news releases, advertisements, the HHSC website, and other social media sites (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc.).  


Today’s Date:________________


Print name:_____________________________  Email Address: ________________________


Current HHSC pool member? □Yes   □No  


Address: ________________________________________________________________


Signature:______________________________   E-mail:__________________________


Phone number: _________________________   Cell phone #:______________________                                          


Requested Party Date:_____________ Time Frame:__________



Expected number of non-member swimmers:   _________


Expected number of non-member non-swimmers: _________

Total Non-Members expected at party: _____




Please contact us at thehammondhillpool@gmail.com (attn.: Social Chair) (HHSC Board Member) via to schedule and reserve your party date and time. Additional information will be emailed to you after scheduling a party.












*List of guests: Please Note if party guest is a pool member or a party guest.